Monday, 4 December 2017

Crimson fists army complete

Yet another army joins the ranks of the completed. The crimson fists are now represented in their entirety and have been for about a month now. I’ve been waiting to get ahold of some oval bases to post the final pics of them, having decided to put all speeders in army’s onto oval bases to fit in better. (At the bottom of the post I’ve also put a couple of white scar speeders on oval bases too)

On to the army theme. My crimson fists are post-Rynn’s world which explains the units present. I didn’t want to use any vehicles that would have been in the chapter Armoury at the time the monastery got nuked and so, for a few years after the disaster at least, kantor and co were operating with lots of elites/specialists and only orbital based vehicles, such as drop pods and flyers. The theme of the basing is a grey, rocky terrain to represent the mountains which they fought in during the campaign. 

For 8th edition I had to make a few adjustments to the line up. An apothecary was added and my 10-man Honour Guard unit was broken up and rearmed, now forming a 2 man unit, 5 vanguard, ancient, lieutenant and chapter champion. The full line up can be seen below:

Chapter master kantor
Captain Cortez
Terminator captain
Imperial space marine
Chapter ancient
Chapter champion
10 tactical
10 tactical
5 scouts
5 scouts
10 sternguard
5 vanguard
5 terminators 
Venerable dreadnought. 
3 drop pods
3 thunder fires with tech marines 
Land speeder
Storm raven
2 stormtalons

With that the army is complete. I toyed with the idea of adding devastators but ultimately decided that tactical marines should be the only rank and file present post-disaster representing those promoted from assault/devastation squads with a smattering of newly recruited scouts thrown in. Half the army is fully painted with 1/4 base colored and the other 1/4 undercoated awaiting basecoating. Cheers. 

Sunday, 29 October 2017

Grey knights army assembled and basecoated

As my marine projects all finally come to their final conclusion, I wanted to publish a series of article on them explaining my thoughts behind how they are structured, pictures of them and to update their individual pages on the blog. I'm giving myself a time frame of mid next year to do all of this. 

As things stand presently, all of the armies have been updated to 32mm bases and were restructured for 7th ed. with the advent of 8th I am still awaiting releases of the blood angel, dark angel, space wolf and deathwatch books before I make the final amendments. As for codex marines and grey knights, I can make a start on these already and am actually just waiting to place a bits order to make the last few tweaks - mostly adjusting honour guard and command squads to the new structures and separating out the characters. 

Grey knights, however, require none of these amendments as such and thus were pretty much ready to go. I simply added in a Chaplain who was previously part of my black templars army. One day I would like to add another terminator squad so that I can represent a 5 man paladin squad now that characters are separate. Other than that I didn't make any additions or Changes and thus the army stands as follows:

Supreme grand master draigo
Grand master voldus
Brother captain stern 
Grand master
Techmarine with conversion Beamer
Castellen Crowe
Brotherhood champion
10 terminators
3 paladins
10 purifiers
Venerable dreadnought (+fw options)
Rhino/razorback (+fw options)
10 strike squad
10 interceptors / strike squad
Nemesis dreadknight
10 purgation 
Land raider (+fw options)

More than enough to keep the daemons at bay for now! Need to magnetise a few bits and then get down to base coating individual squads over time. For now though most important thing is they’re all assembled, base coated and on bases ready to take to the field. Next update will be on crimson fists. Cheers. 

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Sons of Orar Primaris army - milestone achieved

Greetings all. 

A few weeks back I attempted to effectively double the size of my Primaris Marines army over the course of 3 days. This was quite the feat and I effectively got 90% of the way there. One week later I have finished the bases for the army, attached shoulder pads and given them a spray and brush base of red. In effect, I have finished them to the standard that I wanted to so that I can use them on the tabletop. The idea is always to come back and add details later but for now they will only see action on the tabletop rather than painting desk. Note a couple of inceptors don't have bases as the flying stands were defective (GW replacing) and one of the intercessor squads lacks a sergeant. Reason being I am hoping to add some characters including the anniversary veteran sergeant later in the year, at which point the army will be complete. Cheers. 

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Sons of Orar 3 day blog-athon - day 3.

The army as it stands after the hobby-fest.

Final day here folks and, as anticipated, I fell short of the mark. Despite good progress on day 2 the level of conversion work and planning that needed to go into the infantry just took too long in the end. By the time I had spent much of the day on it it was clear that short of working into the evening there was no way I would get things finished. So, here's a rundown of what I managed to achieve in the 3 days:

Repulsor assembled and sprayed - 1/1
Inceptors converted and assembled - 6/6
Gravis captain converted and assembled - 1/1
Intercessors (mostly) converted and aseembled - 24/29
Hellblasters (mostly) converted and assembled - 16/20
Bases all assembled and sprayed - 48/48

For these purposes I included the already assembled Intercessors and Hellblasters as I needed to modify some of them and count them amongst the new additions in order to get things organised. This leaves the following to do:

Repulsor - sort base and put together.
Inceptors - spray, basecoat and base.
Gravis captain - spray, basecoat and base.
Intercessors - assemble final 4 models, spray, basecoat and base.
Hellblasters -  assemble final 4 models, spray, basecoat and base.

This looks like a lot to do but actually considering the bases can be fairly rapidly done with batch painting, the final few models are halfway done already and spraying is hardly taxing it's fair to say that the back of the project is broken. It's a shame that when you look at the pictures below it seems that I've hardly made any progress when in fact I've put in about 15 hours over the past few days. It's been good fun though and really nice to see things coming together. I hope that over the next week I can finish off these few tasks and get some pics of the full army up, then grab the last few character models later in the year. Cheers.   

Productive morning = all bodies / heads ready to go

By the end of the day most models are ready... for these 8 stragglers who need finishing.

Monday, 18 September 2017

Sons of Orar 3 day hobby-thon - day 2

Hi chaps, gonna be brief as I have a stinking headache and am turning in early. Short version is, I got the repulsor assembled and base sprayed, just needs piecing together. The bases are all ready to be painted properly and I got all the Inceptors and Gravis Captain assembled and converted. (note I needed to use some wire and converted the captain to have a flamestorm just for fun) I put together a host of bodies for the infantry-fest that will come tomorrow also - 14 down 20 to go. Will I finish it all in 3 days? I doubt it. Evening celebrations and headache have set me back today so despite good progress I haven;t managed to get the bases painted which was also on todays targets. Tomorrow will therefore be: paint bases, assemble and convert troops, spray everything up, put on bases. Would be feasible if not for the fact I like to give a quick layer of red by brush before basing them. Still, I anticipate the back of the project will be broken at the very least. Cheers. 

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Sons of Orar 3 day hobby-thon - day 1

Hi guys,

Brief version of this is that I have a few days off around my birthday and very little to do for the most part. I wanted to try something I've not done before and blog at the end of each of those 3 days to show progress. One of my biggest hobby failings is that I usually have so many different projects on the go at any time I rarely blog about them as they never quite get to a blog-worthy stage until right at the end.This time will be different though. 

My wife has very kindly provided me with 4 boxes of primaris marines to bring my new Sons of Orar army a step nearer to completion. I've already got about 2k made up from dark Imperium, 13 reavers and a Dreadnought. In addition to the Repulsor, Intercessors, Inceptors and Hellblasters she bought, I've also got a few models from the know no fear and easy to build sets to add. Bottom line is, once all these guys are done I will only be lacking some of the new characters models and veteran sergeant (later this year I hope) to call things complete. 

Today was day one of my hobby-thon, the plan being to have the new half of the army assembled, basecoated and based on finished bases by the end of day 3. This means assembling 42 models (19 Intercessors, 15 Hellblasters, 6 Inceptors, a Gravis Captain and a Repulsor), some conversion work, spraying them up and basing them. To be honest I have no idea how long this is likely to take me and suspect that 3 days is well short of the mark. Still, I intend to give it a damn good shot!

First half of the day was spent with family and friends and so I got off to a late start with the project but pretty much got everything I wanted to do done. Everything is now off sprues and bagged up ready for assembly. I had some bases part-done already from when I completed the first half of the army and so have now added more to that to give me not only all the ones I need for this 3 days but also ultimately when i get the characters I need to finish the army. Tomorrow will be a case of spraying the bases, drybrushing them then applying a wash (day 3 I will apply final drybrush, rim painting and applying tufts). I'll then proceed with assembling approx half the models and start spraying them up. Fingers crossed. 

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Luna wolves near completion and start of 72 hour hobbby/blogathon.

This post marks an end to a very longstanding project and a beginning to a very short one. Firstly, I am almost done fighting the ‘long war’ that is my Luna wolves project. This one has dragged out for a long long time for various reasons. I thought it would be nostalgic to recap the project from its inception. 

I first decided I wanted to make a Luna wolves army when I had been back in the hobby for a couple of years, circa 2008. Main reason for this was that I was starting to branch out into other armies other than blood angels and orks and had just finished reading my first Horus heresy novel: Horus rising. I loved the idea of portraying the Luna wolves prior to the fall with loken’s company being the one of choice. 

At that time the best way to portray them seemed to be using a counts as chaos army and with second edition era vehicles to look the part. As for the look of the marines I decided to try  and go for a look that would be consistent with the cover of False gods, meaning mk7 legs, the cross strap and vent chest pieces, studded shoulder pads made with tiny beads and some custom green stuff heads. I even toyed with the idea of using an old school robot as a chaos dreadnought. 

Suffice to say this idea lurked in the background due to the challenge it represented; that is until the heresy started to arrive. Now suddenly the very models I wanted had started to appear. I got ahold of a few of the forgeworld infantry kits and started to incorporate them. Later followed things such as characters, weapon kits and a contemptor dreadnought. I kept the old rhinos tho, for cost reasons and nostalgia. 

Somewhere in there I picked up the first Horus heresy forgeworld book which gave me a new structure to work with for the army. The Horus heresy gw games (bop/bac) gave me an infantry boost, second contemptor and plenty of bits. The addition of some rapiers, a spartan and xiphon marked the army as complete. Now everything just needed final assembling, most notably the marines I still had who were going by my original design and needing green stuff cast custom helms.

This poor project kept getting pushed to the bottom of the pile but now, finally, we have almost done with things. All the bases have been sorted in 32mm to represent a city under siege during compliance. Everything has been base sprayed in corax white and is ready to go, save for a couple of rapiers which I still need to sort out (can see their gunners on the bases). Sadly, so long as 30k and 40k have a different gaming system I will no longer be able to port them directly into 40k, but could proxy most things as chaos marines once again. Very happy / relieved to have finally got it sorted. The army is only lacking a primus medicae (and I would love justerein one day) but other than that stands as:

Centurion (champion)
Command x2
Standard bearer
Contemptor x 2
Tartaros terminators x5
Indomitus terminators x5
Veteran Tactical x10 (locasta)
Tactical x20
Tactical x20
Assault x10
Special weapon x7
Missile launcher x5
Autocannon x5
Bolter Rapiers x 3 
Rhino x4

This brings me on to the next, brief project, which is only slightly smaller in scale. I'm in the unique position of having a few days off for my birthday with little on the cards for those days. You may have seen my fledgling primaris army elsewhere on this blog. My wife has kindly bought me the other half of that army and so I thought it would be fun to do a ‘live blog’ of sorts over those few days. This effectively means that tomorrow, Monday and Tuesday I'll be posting a brief progress report to show how far I've got. 

The aim is to assemble 14 intercessors, 1 captain, 1 repulsor, 15 helblasters and 6 inceptors, as well as spraying them red/white and putting them on finished bases. This should be possible in the space of that time frame with some discipline and the only thing that will slow me down is some of the conversion work I will need to do with weapons.  Here's the army as it stands to date; tomorrow we'll take a look at the new additions and the task ahead. Nothing to it but to do it! Cheers.